Finding their way home. Brantwood Children’s Home is licensed to provide residential services to children beginning at age 10. On-site educational programs, Independent Living Programs, Job Readiness Training, and Individual and Group Counseling are just a few of the other program options available as the youth grow and mature.

Youngsters at Brantwood learn to work together as a family, participating in everyday activities such as homework, chores, games and meals together.

For many children, Brantwood is a place for “Firsts.”

  • First time they ever received something brand new, all their own.
  • First time they ever received a Christmas gift.
  • First time they ever attended the same school for an entire school year.
  • First time they ever slept with sheets on a bed.
  • First time they were ever able to participate in team sports at school.


Basic Residential Treatment Program

Brantwood provides basic residential services to 16 children between the ages of 10 through 18. Basic residential treatment is designed for children whose needs cannot be met in their own home, traditional foster home, therapeutic foster care home or children who have reached their treatment goals in a more restrictive setting. Children eligible for this level program may be abused, neglected or exploited and may exhibit behavioral and or emotional problems which range from acting out to withdrawal. Children in this level are basically in good health, although some may require medical attention for minor health conditions. At this level children typically have behavior which is under control and does not require constant adult supervision. Have peer relations that are generally positive. Are generally compliant with staff and respond favorably to nurturing, structured programs. Do not pose a safety risk to the community or other children in the facility.


Transitional Living Program

Brantwood provides Transitional Living services to 10 youth between the ages of 16 through 19. It is housed on campus in the Nolan Cottage at the back of the property. The purpose of this program is to provide teens with the tools, skills, knowledge and experience they will need to secure and maintain employment and housing; assume responsibility for their health and nutrition; contribute to their community; and form rewarding relationships.

Independent Living Program

Brantwood provides Independent Living services to 6 youth, ages 19 to 21. Typically these are youth who have been in foster care for several years.  Participants are required to have a job and live in an apartment or college dorm.  Financial support, independent living instructions, transportation and supervision in preparation for living on their own are a few of the services provided.  

Brantwood On-Site Educational Program (BOSEP)

Brantwood provides educational services for 5th through 8th grade students in its on-site school. BOSEP is staffed by an Administrative Teacher, Teachers and an Aide. The school is housed on campus in the Kiwanis Club of Montgomery Education Center building. It serves Brantwood residents and other children in the foster care system as space is available.

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