There are far too many children in Alabama in need of shelter, food and most importantly, love. Take a moment to appreciate your good fortune and grant the same to a deserving child living at Brantwood.

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Memorials and Honorariums

Memorials and Honorariums are accepted for any amount to honor those most special to you. Please provide us with the name and mailing address of the individual to be honored and we’ll send that person a card noting that a contribution was made to Brantwood Children’s Home in his/her honor. For memorials, please provide the name of the person for whom the memorial is given. If you will provide an address, we will also send a card to the family noting that a memorial was given to Brantwood. During the holiday season we are happy to accept Christmas Honorariums.

Click here for a printable PDF tribute form.

Donate other gifts to the children at Brantwood.

Stock and Appreciated Assets

Using appreciated stocks to make a gift is often a tax efficient way of helping your favorite charity. By leaving Brantwood Children’s Home appreciated securities, shares in a mutual fund or other types of appreciated property, you can enjoy tax benefits and a charitable income tax deduction. By donating appreciated property instead of cash, you can usually deduct the current fair market value of the property and avoid capital gains tax on appreciation.

Please check with your financial advisor for more information on transferring gifts of stock.


Bequests are the easiest and most common planned gift. With a bequest, you can leave all or part of your estate to Brantwood Children’s Home. Bequests can be a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate. Such generous contributions ensure the future strength of our organization. Restricted bequests can also be made for specific programs or uses.

Retirement Assets

If you name Brantwood Children’s Home as the beneficiary of your Individual Retirement Account, 401(k), 403(b), or other qualified pension plan, your estate will receive a charitable deduction for the full amount of these funds.

Gifts of Personal Property

You may be able to make a gift of personal property such as a work of art, antique or collection. We accept used automobiles, trucks, boats, and trailers as donations. These gifts are later sold with the proceeds going to support the work of Brantwood Children’s Home.

Gifts of Life Insurance

You can designate Brantwood Children’s Home as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy established as a gift and enjoy income tax deductions for the gift. You can also name Brantwood Children’s Home as a successor beneficiary in case of the death of the primary beneficiary named in the policy. If you do decide to make a charitable gift using your insurance policy, keep this information in your estate plan file where your executor will be aware of the gift at the time of your death. Many donors choose to use life insurance to make a gift because it allows them to make a gift much larger than they thought possible.

Employer Matching Donations

If you donate to Brantwood, check with your employer about matching dollars for charitable donations. If you volunteer your time at Brantwood, check to see if your employer might match your hours with dollars. Some companies now include donations of your time as well as your money in their Matching Gifts programs.


If you need assistance with your donation, please call us at 334.265.0784, Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm (central).

Brantwood Children’s Home is classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501© 3 organization for tax purposes, so all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

NOTE: Brantwood Children’s Home does not intend to give legal or tax advice. If you decide to make a charitable contribution to the Brantwood Children’s Home, please contact your legal or tax advisor to determine the gift that will meet your needs.

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