Finding their way home. Brantwood Children’s Home is licensed to provide residential services to children beginning at age 10. On-site educational programs, Independent Living Programs, Job Readiness Training, and Individual and Group Counseling are just a few of the other program options available as the youth grow and mature.

Youngsters at Brantwood learn to work together as a family, participating in everyday activities such as homework, chores, games and meals together.

For many children, Brantwood is a place for “firsts”

  • First time they have ever received something brand new of their own
  • First time they have ever received a Christmas gift
  • First time they have ever attended the same school for an entire school year
  • First time they have ever slept with sheets on a bed
  • First time they were able to participate in team sports at school


The Basic Residential Treatment Program is designed to bridge the gap for children whose needs are not being met in their own home, traditional foster home, therapeutic foster care home, or children who have been receiving treatment in a more restrictive setting.  Brantwood is able to provide basic residential services for the up to 16 children between the ages of 10-18 in our Big House. Unfortunately, the children enrolled in this program have been victims of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. The trauma from these injustices can cause behavioral and emotional distress ranging from acting out to withdrawal.  When children arrive on our campus, we encourage a holistic approach in transforming our children by tending to their emotional, cognitive, educational, spiritual, and physical needs. 

In addition to our Basic Residential Treatment Program, Brantwood offers a Transitional Living Program and an Independent Living Program.    Beginning at age 16, youth become eligible to progress to our Transitional Living Program where they transfer from our Big House to our Nolan Cottage, known as “the Cottage” by kids and staff also located on Brantwood’s campus.  Youth living in the Cottage are provided with the tools, skills, knowledge, and experience they need to secure and maintain employment and housing; assume responsibility for their health and nutrition; contribute to their community; and form rewarding relationships with their peers. Such skill-sets instill a sense of confidence and reward for our children as they take pride in learning to thrive.

Our Independent Living Program is available to youth ages 19-21. In order to further establish a sense of stability in the lives of our youth, Brantwood continues to provide financial support, independent living instructions, transportation and supervision in preparation for adult life. They must live in one of the six apartments Brantwood provides in the city of Montgomery or in a college dorm as they transition into their new roles as young adults.  With the necessary tools to secure and maintain employment, youth in this program must demonstrate that they will maintain adequate employment for a reasonable standard of living.  For Brantwood, the sense of family does not stop once a child becomes 18; we watch the success stories unfold well into adulthood.

Brantwood is fortunate to offer each child an all-inclusive path for healing and success on our campus. One of the greatest tools we can offer any child in need is a solid educational foundation. Unfortunately, upon the arrival of many of our children, we found because of the circumstances from which they come, their ideas on the importance of education are unfavorable and in need of repair. Discovering this need led Brantwood eager to create a more specialized educational program for our children. Thanks to a considerable donation from the Kiwanis Club of Montgomery, Brantwood was able to build a school building and begin educating our youth on-site in the mid-90s. The Brantwood On-Site Educational Program or BOSEP as it is commonly called allows our children a safe place to learn at their own levels and restore their confidence as scholars. Having a lower student to teacher ratio allows us to account for the individual aptitudes, interests, and challenges of our children and strives to re-shape our children’s attitudes towards education.

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